Seeds Hands Archival Giclee Art Print in Orange (A3)


Never forget you have the power to create change.

When we start with ourselves, we plant the seeds… When we consistently show up for ourselves, we nurture those seeds…
Then one day, we realise what a beautiful, strong and resilient thing we have planted.

And we become a force to be reckoned with! —-

Our Seeds collection is part resistance cry and part celebration of what is ours.

In Lulu’s graphic recording work, she’s listened in on several conversations where women spoke about capitalism destroying indigenous lands and everything that they sustain.

Plants that are used for medicine, plants that are used for food. And with the destruction of these, culture is eroded.

There are so many inspiring stories of resistance. Small triumphs that remind us that IT MATTERS to fight for what you believe in. It matters to fight for what is yours.
• Archival quality giclée print
• Somerset paper, 330gsm
• Available in 8×10 inches and in A3 size
• Board-backed and protected in an archival quality clear, sealable sleeve
• Shipped flat

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