Word of Affirmation | Notecard Set


Watch your language! Leverage the power of positive self-talk and with this set of 12 postcards, each featuring a different hand-lettered affirmation, mantra, introspective question or phrase of encouragement. They include:
• “I am worthy even when I do nothing”
• “Blackness is an immense and defiant joy” — Imani Perry
• “Discipline is love at work”
• “Eliminate the ineffective”
• “Do not disturb, self-care in progress”
• “The liberation of a safe space to speak your truth”
• “Time is abundant when I take care of me”
• “What does love need now?”
• “When in doubt defer to the body”
• “My standards will be met only when I assert them”
• “Doesn’t feel like work” “We have enough”

-14.8cm height x 10.5cm width

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